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Who We Are

Serving those we have so proudly served us

Our Vision of Success

USMFFS measures its success in stages: Stage 1 – resource acquisition, we will solicit from industry and individuals, social groups and society members, DOD contractors and politicians money and resources to help families create one healthy baby; Stage 2 – create an interactive function and efficient process to provide help to our military families – easy, accessible and functional; Stage 3 – create a responsive application process, vetting process to identify awardees and communication system to alert recipients of their grants.  The final stage of success – one healthy baby.

Building Futures

USMFFS builds families. Our future depends on the bravery and sacrifice of our military and their future resides in creating families to share a future with.  USMFFS build the future by provides grants, educational resources, online support,  and advocacy in our goal of making fertility  accessible to our military brothers and sisters.

Advanced Technology

USMFFS understands privacy, and integrity.  Our systems are designed to make the application secure and easy; the vetting of candidate fair and reasoned; and the selecting process blinded and fair.  Within the website.  Our background applications uses weighted measures to help sort the needs of our servicemen and women.  Our donation applications are  independent and linked to a secure contributions accounts and our educational resources application uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help make our responses insightful and useful.

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